Your home is your stage.

How do you define premium living
and an enriched lifestyle?
Luxury. Sophistication.
Universal yet progressive.
Open-concept living, along with the sights
and sounds of nature nearby.
All in a sought after area of Tokyo.
The combination of these traits gives rise
to a new form of luxury
living unlike anything before it.
Transcending time, exceeding expectations,
and focused on the people living there.
The stage has been set for ESCENARIO.
This name symbolizes our hope
that the building will mark a turning point
in the story of your life.

Concept of ESCENARIO

It is a smart luxury residence
that combines dignity and modern,
which is the definition of new values.
Among the downtown location,
only the premium brand area is selected.
Here, the house full of intelligence
and sensibility is a suitable place
to play the leading role.

Esencia「Essence」Sensitivity→Escala「Scale」Emotion→Escena「Scene」Story→ESCENARIO「Stage」Stage where residents are the actor
Is there sensitivity?
“Comfortable” and “Pleasant”Essence
Is there emotion?
“Impressive” and “Surprise”Scale
Is there a story?
“Elegance” and “Flexibility”Scene
  • EsenciaEssence

    Is there sensitivity?
    “Comfortable” and “Pleasant”

  • EscalaScale

    Is there emotion?
    “Impressive” and “Surprise”

  • EscenaScene

    Is there a story?
    “Elegance” and “Flexibility”